The company's products include automatic three-dimensional parking garages, tower cranes, construction elevators and other products, and have obtained national A-level special equipment production and installation qualifications. The company has a large number of highly experienced personnel who have been engaged in lifting equipment production, research and development and field service for many years. It radiates network services across the country to provide comprehensive services to customers at any time. It has introduced advanced technologies from developed countries such as Japan and Germany. Technology and equipment, with more than 20 large-scale advanced advanced equipment such as large-scale CNC plasma cutting machines, 400-ton bending machines, multi-function CNC punches, etc .; technicians account for more than 25%, strong production technology, annual production capacity can reach 5000 Above, the existing three-dimensional parking equipment, QTZ63, QTZ80 series tower cranes, SC200 / 200, SCD200 / 200 construction elevators and other construction products.

Kaida people have created Kaida's product advantages of "high quality, real price, and excellent service" with the development concept of "sincerity and founding, quality and prosperity", which has won a good reputation in the industry and attracted many partners.

The company's production and operation in recent years: In 2004, the company completed the second phase of plant construction and infrastructure for staff dormitories, canteens, multi-purpose activity halls, blue courts, and supporting greening. The construction of the delivery room was put into use in 2007. The third phase of the production room construction and the construction of an office building of 6000 square meters were completed in 2007. It was formally put into use in early 2008. So far, the company's planned infrastructure has been completed.

In terms of production, the company has introduced large-scale CNC underwater plasma cutting machines, large multi-function CNC punches, plane milling machines, large shot blasting machines, 400-ton multi-function CNC bending machines, and special automatic welding machines since 2005. Large-scale advanced production equipment, sophisticated drilling, milling, grinding, folding and other advanced welding equipment, the company's existing production equipment 114 sets, various types of testing equipment and instruments and test benches, etc., 75 production and testing equipment The production capacity reaches over 200 sets of various types of tower cranes per month. 2004 to 2007 is the company's initial stage. It has devoted great efforts and energy to the construction of various infrastructure and management modes, and has accumulated huge production energy. Since 2008, the company's product sales have started to rise steadily, the annual sales record has been continuously refreshed, and product awareness has continued to increase.