Company market development and brand building


Chinese tower cranes began in the 1950s. Looking at the 50-year history of development, China ’s tower crane industry has gradually formed a relatively complete system and a relatively complete series of spectrum from small to large. The tower crane has become a key device in building construction, and the tower crane industry has also become China. One of the fastest growing construction machinery industries. It took us only 50 years to complete the development of tower cranes in foreign developed countries for hundreds of years, and now Chinese tower cranes have entered the international market in batches. At present, China has become the world's largest tower crane production country and one of the world's major demand markets, which has brought good development opportunities to Kaida Punk.

Establish points and manage customer relationships, and establish and improve the "sales, service, information" trinity marketing system. And supporting the national network service system, providing customers with a full range of services at any time; it is also a strong support for branches, agents, and offices. The construction of a service network is a must for the development and standing of the Kaida Punk brand in China. condition. The company invests a lot of capital and manpower in the construction of the service network each year, timely introduces high-end service management talents from domestic lifting equipment, and establishes a technical service talent who can quickly expand the market and have high service quality.

In 2012, our company was well received by Wenzhou, Xiamen, Xi'an and other construction machinery leasing companies, and has purchased tower cranes from our company many times. In 2013, sales throughout the year were mostly in Wenzhou, Tonglu, Shaanxi and other places, and received unanimous praise. There were more than 30 devices in Wenzhou alone. In 2014, the company opened up the markets in Henan and Yunnan. At present, it has a good prospect. In addition, it also exports a large number of equipment for Hefei, Lu'an, Jinhua and other places. And this year, our company's sales of accessories such as standard festivals have greatly increased and there is a good market . With excellent quality and excellent after-sales service, our company has won unanimous praise from competitors.