Company's technological innovation

        The company established a research and development department in 2007. Since its establishment, the research and development department has successfully developed new tower cranes, construction elevators and three-dimensional parking equipment. It has continuously improved the process of product production and safe construction, and simplified operation New research and development have been carried out.


        The development of a three-dimensional parking garage provides the best solution for urban traffic parking spaces. Its large tonnage load capacity meets the needs of smooth entry and exit of cars; high safety technology guarantees to meet the higher demand for safe parking; multiple types of parking equipment to meet the needs of different parking occasions. QTZ80 (TC6012) tower crane is a new type of construction tower crane developed by the company and the Mechanization Research Branch of the Chinese Academy of Building Sciences. The machine is a horizontal boom, trolley luffing, upper swing self-lifting form, and its standard boom length is 60m, minus one section can be 55m boom length, the maximum lifting weight is 8t, the rated lifting torque is 80T.m, the maximum lifting torque is 117.6Tm, the total independent height of the machine is 55.61t. Compared with traditional tower cranes, it has better balance, gravity and adjustability, and saves costs. The machine can be widely used in high-rise or super-high-rise civil buildings, bridge hydraulic engineering, large-span industrial plants and Construction of large-scale projects such as towering buildings.