Company product quality and quality integrity

The company adopts GB / T5031-2008 "Tower Crane" production standard, which has reached the national standard level. At present, it has obtained the three-body certificate, as well as the environmental and occupational health and safety management system, and has established a sound system management process. Through strict process management, it has effectively managed the sustainable development of enterprises and safety and clean production. Since the establishment of the company, there have been no accidents caused by product quality issues. The company has a reliable quality assurance system. Strict inspection or verification of raw materials and outsourced and outsourced parts, and strict quality inspection of final products according to standard requirements to ensure that unqualified products are not shipped. Through long-term work practice and implementation of the concept of total quality management, an effective maintenance system has gradually been formed. For the quality of maintenance, we implement multi-channel control, that is, after the maintenance personnel carry out repairs or maintenance, the user signs and approves the content of the maintenance. A series of management methods, such as the "repair and return visit form", are used by the user unit to make assessments to ensure the quality of maintenance.

In the fierce competition, talent has become a key element of the company's development. To this end, the company persists in implementing the strategy of strengthening the enterprise with talents. Kaida Punch has formed a talent concept of "everyone is talent, and horse racing is not the same." A scientific talent cultivation and competition system is established to create training and promotion for each employee. Conditions, fully utilize the enthusiasm and potential of each employee, the company is eclectic in talent introduction and treatment, people-oriented, adapt to and meet the talent retention, and give full play to its themes as the theme, fully optimize the talent team structure. There are more than 200 employees, among which there are more than 50 junior college graduates, more than 10 middle and senior titles, and more than 100 people holding special operation licenses. Kaida Punch people are working hard to open up new territories and strive for the next 10 Year leading the industry.