Construction Machinery-Lifting Machinery Industry Recent Developments

As we all know, cranes are indispensable engineering machinery in China's infrastructure construction, and after more than ten years of continuous development in China, cranes have come out of their own characteristics in terms of intelligence, large-scale, and customization. Today, let's lead the industry to learn about the recent developments in the lifting machinery industry.


"Double Generation Meeting" won the first prize in all seven XCMG lifting machinery projects

The 34th National Quality Trustworthy Team and Quality Management Group Congress of the National Machinery Industry was recently held in Zhengzhou. Nearly 700 people from the national machinery industry participated in the conference and published nearly 370 items. The review was conducted in seven venues at the same time.

After fierce competition, XCMG ’s “Changing Dream” QC group represented by the heavy three-factory plant and other 7 participating projects all won first prizes. At the same time, the XC fire truck QC team won the title of “National Benchmarking Group for Mass Quality Management Activities of the Machinery Industry”. XCMG Heavy was awarded the title of "Excellent Enterprise in Mass Quality Management Activities of the National Machinery Industry".

Mass quality improvement activities have always been an important part of the quality improvement activities of the business unit. Participate in the publication of the results of the "Double Generation Conference" of the national machinery industry, and provide an opportunity for corporate mass improvement activities to learn from each other and learn from each other's strengths. Through the publication of results, employees can continuously improve their quality awareness and create and discover Opportunities for improvement, so as to achieve the purpose of improving product quality, improving work efficiency, and reducing quality costs. The wonderful presentation of the 7 achievements of the division won applause from the judges and colleagues in the machinery industry.

The National Machinery Industry "Double Generation Conference" is currently the largest influential industry mass quality event in the industry. It is also an excellent platform for front-line technicians and workers to show the style of modern manufacturing enterprises.


SANY 650-ton crawler crane boosts petrochemical development in Kazakhstan

As one of the three major petrochemical plants in Kazakhstan, Pavlodar Petrochemical Plant recently ushered in a special Chinese friend-SANY CCC6500E crawler crane. The Trinity crawler crane will participate in the plant's delayed coking unit expansion project. It is understood that after SANY SCC6500E crawler crane entered Kazakhstan, it became the country's largest tonnage large crawler crane.

The expansion and reconstruction project of the delayed coking unit is difficult to replace the original four coke towers. Each coke tower weighs 250 tons and must be lifted out one by one and replaced with new coke towers of the same weight.

At present, the large tank to be replaced has been successfully leveled and docked on site. "The hoisting process is unimaginable." A staff member who witnessed the construction process said that at that time, the large tank components weighing 120 tons had been moved several times, and they successfully overcame multiple obstacles. The whole process of SCC6500E is as light as weight lifting and accurate in movement.

"Although the currently completed lifting operation is quite difficult, the difficulty of replacing large tanks that we are about to face will test the ultimate ability of crawler cranes." Yu Hailou, a Sany R & D engineer responsible for on-site technical support, said that this is the whole The most difficult lifting operation of the project. At the construction site, there are buildings in the front and coke ponds in the back. The crawler crane can only work in a narrow and long space with a width of 24 meters. Excluding the total width of the crawler crane, the space for movement is only 1.5 meters. At the same time, crawler cranes need to avoid supporting frames and pipes filled with toxic gases during construction, which is very difficult.

"Such construction conditions place extremely demanding requirements on the crane's compound action, control smoothness, fretting and coordination." Sun Kaisheng, head of research and development of the three large tonnage crawler crane project, for example, it is like A complex surgery in a 1-square-meter room was "almost an impossible task". However, Sany has provided customers with a complete set of solutions, "fully capable of coping with such extreme working conditions." In order to complete the expansion and reconstruction of the delayed coking unit in the petrochemical plant, Sany designed and manufactured special spreaders according to its special construction requirements, and arranged R & D technicians to stay on site for long-term technical support.

"In the beginning, many manufacturers participated in our bid. Based on the professional data provided by Sany R & D personnel and the excellent performance of this product in the world, we finally chose Sany SCC6500E crawler crane." Customer Mr. Dong Dang highly appreciated, saying that Sany's performance did not disappoint.

From the development of the "Shenzhou First Crane" SCC4000E, which completely broke the long-term dependence of large-tonnage crawler cranes on imports, to the SCC9000 crawler crane, which was hailed as the "Asian First Crane" in 2008, and rolled off the production line, and in 2011, the SCC36000A crawler crane Formally offline, creating the myth of "the world's first crane", filling the gap in the field of China's super large crawler cranes, Sany has always insisted on innovation, leading the development of the industry crawler crane, and bringing customers the highest quality products.

Now that SANY SCC6500E crawler crane has entered Kazakhstan, it has become the country's largest large-scale crawler crane. With excellent technology and quality, the three large tonnage crawler cranes may also become an important equipment guarantee for Kazakhstan to develop oil deep processing, extend the industrial chain, and increase the added value of its products, providing a powerful boost to its important development strategy for the domestic market and exports. Become a model of the huge role that Made in China plays in the "One Road, One Belt" initiative.


XCMG tower crane intelligent production workshop selected for Jiangsu demonstration project

A few days ago, Jiangsu Province ’s Industrial Economic Development and Investment Promotion Conference was held in Nanjing. At the meeting, Deputy Governor Xu Nanping summarized the industrial economic operation and investment situation in the first half of the year, analyzed the situation facing it, studied and deployed the industrial economic and investment work in the second half of the year, and announced Jiangsu The list of the first batch of intelligent workshops in the province was awarded by the Provincial Economic and Information Commission and the Department of Finance jointly. The XCMG tower crane intelligent production workshop project was selected as "2015 Jiangsu Province's first batch of intelligent workshop workshops".

As a leading company in China's construction machinery industry, Xugong Group is different from traditional technological transformation. In the construction of Xugong's intelligent workshop, more attention is paid to the value of "nerve terminals" represented by information systems. Through the information system, all key numerical control equipment and large-scale machining centers are networked, and the on-site network monitoring and visual management of the workshop. Robots, CNC centers and other intelligent manufacturing equipment accounted for 80%, fully integrated production capacity balance system, distribution system, kanban management and manufacturing execution system, basically realized the automatic management and control of the production process, and enhanced the science and flexibility of production management , Realizing the simultaneous scheduling and mixed-line production of multiple varieties of products, improving the level of flexible production and manufacturing of enterprises.

In the XCMG tower crane intelligent production workshop project, automated production equipment has increased welding production efficiency by more than 3 times, large CNC machining centers have doubled the processing efficiency, and integrated conveyor equipment and automatic handling and transportation systems have improved logistics and transportation efficiency. More than 3 times, the overall production capacity of the factory increased by more than 4 times. The manufacturing system realizes intelligent production process, intelligent manufacturing equipment, and intelligent production management. The coordination between production units is more timely. Production models such as production order progress, production bottleneck procedures, and worker performance have transparent quantitative data. reflect. The information system records resource information such as in-process, man-hours, personnel, and quality in the manufacturing process in real time. The entire production process is digitalized and traceable, subverting the traditional manufacturing mode and making large-scale personalized customization possible.


Zoomlion's largest Indonesian Chinese-funded single starts smoothly

Recently, 17 truck cranes were drove out from the delivery center of Zoomlion Quantang Industrial Park and rushed to Shanghai Port, announcing that the nervous and busy product launch of a major Indonesian Chinese customer was successfully completed.

It is reported that the order is Zoomlion ’s first successful order to enter Indonesian Chinese-funded enterprises in the overseas market. The successful launch is of great strategic significance for occupying the Indonesian Chinese-funded market.

In order to ensure the smooth start of the vehicle as scheduled, from July 2nd, Zoomlion employees were staring at the delivery center of Quantang Industrial Park under a high temperature of 37 degrees, and commissioned and inspected one by one, as well as the appearance and paint quality of the entire vehicle. Strict control, so that every component is checked in place, and no detail is missed.

During the 15-day vehicle inspection and preparation work, Zoomlion Overseas Marketing Co., Ltd. and the various departments of the Crane Division worked together to take their responsibilities, demonstrated the craftsmanship of excellence and sincere cooperation, and strictly controlled the quality control of each link. Finally, the vehicle was successfully delivered.


Terex Changzhou Plant Phase II Construction Starts

The top brand of the global aerial work platform, Gini, held the groundbreaking ceremony for the second phase of the Terex plant in Changzhou on July 30. Terex China President Ken Lousberg, Terex Machinery Co., Ltd. General Manager ClintWeber, Terex Aerial Platform Vice President, Greater China Sales and Service General Manager James Barr, and Changzhou Deputy Mayor Fang Guoqiang Leaders and other representatives were invited to attend the groundbreaking ceremony to witness the start of a new chapter for Gini in China.

The second phase of the factory will be expanded on the basis of the existing plant. It is estimated that the total area of the plant will be about 63,800 square meters after completion. It will be able to support and help more localized manufacturing of Gini products. To play a greater role in the global manufacturing strategy, establish more product lines to meet the needs of domestic and foreign customers.

At the groundbreaking ceremony, Terex Group's current chairman, president and CEO, Mr. RonDefeo, sent a video congratulations to the start of the second phase of the Changzhou plant, as well as thanks to the Chinese government, media and customer support. Terex China President Ken Lousberg expressed his vision for the construction of the second phase of the Gini plant. Mr. ClintWeber, General Manager of Terex Machinery Co., Ltd. introduced the development plan of the second phase of the Changzhou plant to the guests from all walks of life, and looked forward to the future of Gini's China.


Yunxiang Heavy Industry series products will be unveiled at the European High-altitude Platform Exhibition

Yunxiang Heavy Industry's full range of electric scissors platforms will be unveiled at Verticaaldagen Benelux, the most professional aerial platform exhibition in Northern Europe. The exhibition will be held from September 15, 2015 to September 17, 2015 in the Exhibitionenhal exhibition hall in Gorinchem, the Netherlands.

Earlier, Yunxiang and European agents established the Wanxiang European Business and Service Center in the Bergeijk region of the Netherlands. This center covers an area of 23,000 square meters and is close to the international high-altitude platform safety, technology, business, and training center-Eindhoven, the Netherlands. Yunxiang European Business and Service Center has the most complete high-altitude platform spare parts warehouse, which can provide 24/7 professional services. It is a new extension for Yunxiang to open up the European market.

Mr. Amendt, the head of Yunxiang European Business and Service Center, said that the quality of Yunxiang's high-altitude platforms has continued to improve and has now fully complied with European standards. Before all Wanxiang products are sent to the end customers, we will do the final product quality inspection at Bergeijk's service center to ensure the best use of the machine.


XCMG aerial work platform officially joins IPAF

Recently, good news came from XCMG Fire Fighting. The aerial work platform obtained the IPAF access certificate of the International Aerial Work Platform Association. XCMG Group officially became a member of the International Aerial Work Platform Association. IPAF is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the safe and efficient use of aerial work equipment on a global scale, and has promoted many design, safety and testing procedures related to aerial work. The authority, influence and voice of the IPAF Summit in the industry are no less than any world-class summit. Every high-altitude equipment company is proud of its participation in the conference.

In recent years, XCMG fully meets the market needs of international aerial work platforms, and is actively committed to meeting domestic and foreign users' requirements for product reliability, safety, and operational comfort. Product design, assembly production, and quality inspection are in strict accordance with international standards. . Access to the International Aerial Work Platform Association this time marks that XCMG's aerial work platform has obtained the world-specified special operating site "Royal Token", paving the way for XCMG's aerial work platform products to be launched on the international market.

Memorabilia Zoomlion Crane: Not the first stop

Year 2014

T3000, the world's largest flat-headed tower crane, goes offline


The world's most powerful wheel crane QAY2000 was born

The world's first all-ground chassis telescopic truss boom crane ZAL3000W


The world's largest tonnage truck crane QY220V was born

The world's longest jib tower crane D1250-80 was successfully developed

year 2011

Under the glory of "the world's first crawler crane", the world's most powerful lifting crane ZCC3200NP

year 2010

The world's largest horizontal boom slewing self-elevating tower crane D5200-240 was successfully developed

Launched QY80V, the largest and only 4-bridge 80T truck crane in China

Release time: 2015-08-10 15:44:00

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