"2016-2021 Analysis Report on China's Stereo Parking Lot Market Demand and Investment Strategic Planning"

1.1.1 Supply and demand trends

In the next 5 years, from the perspective of potential demand, it can be asserted that China will be the world's largest demand market for stereo garages. From the perspective of supply, China, as the largest demand market for three-dimensional garages, has directly stimulated the technological innovation and development of domestic suppliers. The rapid increase in productivity, coupled with the localization advantage, can also occupy a side with foreign oligopolistic companies. market. However, it can be seen from the car production volume and the corresponding increase in three-dimensional garages in China and the world in the past few years that the demand for car parking spaces is far greater than the supply of three-dimensional garage parking spaces. Even under the temptation of such a large market potential, because the mechanical three-dimensional garage is not a high-yield, fast-return investment project, and there is no hard policy support, its productivity level still lags behind that of the automotive industry, so it will be quite long in the future. For some time, the supplier market for stereo garages was far from meeting the demand market.

1.1.2 Evolution of competition pattern

At present, the global stereo garage product market has an oligopoly pattern. However, with the continuous development of R & D capabilities of enterprises in developing countries, the difference between product performance and well-known brands is gradually narrowing, and in the future, the global stereo garage product market will certainly have a multi-polar market competition pattern.

1.1.3 Policy trends

The "garage" problem has become a hot issue in large and medium cities. The construction of the three-dimensional garage can not only reduce the land occupation area, alleviate the contradiction of the narrow road space in the current city, but also ease the traffic conditions to meet the needs of the city's rapid and rapid development. In addition, the three-dimensional garage can also cooperate with the municipal construction to drive the rise of a large number of tertiary industries. It can be said to be beneficial and harmless, providing favorable conditions for the city to develop on a larger scale.

Based on the contribution that the three-dimensional garage has made to society, government departments have paid more attention to it. It is on the agenda to formulate corresponding policies to promote industrial development in terms of land use, planning management, urban environment, and transportation operations. For example, the recently issued "Implementation Rules for the Implementation of Standards for the Provision of Motor Vehicle Parking Spaces in Hangzhou Urban Construction Projects (Trial)" clearly states in the analysis of traffic impact on construction projects: "Analyze the impact and scope of development projects on urban traffic , And then determine countermeasures or modification plans to maintain service levels, and implement compensation policies to reduce the impact of development projects on urban traffic load. " Article 3 of the "Land Administration Law of the People's Republic of China" "Treasure and reasonable use of land and practical protection of cultivated land are the basic national policies of China. People's governments at all levels should take measures to comprehensively plan, strictly manage, protect and develop land resources, and stop illegal The act of occupying land ”and Article 7“ Units and individuals who have made outstanding achievements in protecting and developing land resources, making reasonable use of land, and conducting related scientific research are rewarded by the people ’s government ”are advocating land conservation. Huangshi City has also issued "six measures" only to alleviate the problem of "difficult parking," one of which is "planning large-scale three-dimensional parking lots in suitable areas in the central city area", and has compiled the "Yellowstone City Center Parking Area Planning". In addition, there are also relevant provisions for the construction standards and materials of foreign cities, such as the Standards for the Construction of Parking Lots in Singapore Buildings, the Planning Standards for the Generation of Parking Demand in Japan, and the U.S. Zoning Plan requires parking spaces provided by various buildings.

Of course, the three-dimensional garage also brings some adverse effects, and its frequency conversion equipment, engines, etc. will also make noise, so it is necessary for the environmental protection department to issue corresponding policies to regulate the quality of products. In addition, high-altitude operations are necessarily dangerous, so corresponding policies need to be introduced in terms of operational safety.