Cold Thoughts on the Development of China's Tower Crane Industry

Looking at the 60-year history of the development of China's tower crane industry, it has gradually formed a relatively complete system and profile from scratch to small. From now on, China has been able to produce tower cranes from 100 kN to 52,000 kN, not only To meet the needs of domestic engineering construction, and a large number of exports to all parts of the world, especially small batches to developed countries and regions in Europe and the United States. China has become the world's largest producer of tower cranes.

Achieved four major resultsThrough more than 60 years of hard work, China's tower crane industry has achieved remarkable results in terms of industrial scale, industry concentration, independent innovation, and structural adjustment.

Specifically, the first is the continuous and rapid expansion of the industrial scale. Since the 1990s, China's tower crane industry has developed rapidly. Especially in recent years, research and development capabilities have been continuously enhanced. Various types of tower crane products have been increasingly perfected. Tower crane production and sales have continued to climb. China has become the world's civilian The largest producer of tower cranes is also the largest user of tower cranes in the world. As of 2012, the number of domestic tower cranes has exceeded 300,000 units, with an average annual growth rate of more than 25%.

Secondly, the industry concentration has steadily increased. At present, there are more than 400 domestic enterprises that have obtained tower crane manufacturing licenses, mainly distributed in Shandong, Jiangsu and Zhejiang, Northeast China, Sichuan and Chongqing, among which more than 150 are Shandong tower crane manufacturers. The market share of the top 10 companies in the industry has 38% in 2008 increased to 66% in 2012.

At present, the manufacturers in the first camp of China's tower cranes include Zoomlion, Yongmao, Chuanjian, etc. These companies have led the development trend of China's tower crane industry and are the main manufacturers of tower crane exports. At the same time, Dahan, as a rising star of the Shandong Department, Xu worked as a rising star of the tower crane industry, and has developed rapidly in recent years. In the context of the sharp decline in the construction machinery industry in 2012, the tower crane industry fell 21%, but with the implementation of the national urbanization strategy, the tower crane industry will gradually enter a mature period of stable growth in the next few years, and the industry concentration will be Further improvement.

Secondly, large-scale tower cranes have made great breakthroughs. In recent years, large-scale and super-large tower cranes with lifting torques above 2500kNm have become more and more widely used in China, and the demand for such tower cranes is expected to exceed 1,000 each year. In the past, the domestic super-large tower crane market was mainly occupied by foreign brands such as Favco and Potain. In recent years, domestic Zoomlion, Yongmao, China Construction Machinery, Sichuan Construction, etc. have increased research and development in the field of super large tower cranes, successively launched a number of iconic products, and gradually completed the import of super large tower crane brands. Instead. Taking Zoomlion as an example, since the launch of the D1100 super-large tower crane in 2008, a number of super-large tower cranes have been successively developed, which has serialized the research and development of domestic super-large tower cranes, breaking the imported products in the field of super-large tower cranes. The monopoly situation, especially the development of the world's largest rotary tower crane D5200 and the development of the Guinness World Record D1250, the world's longest boom tower crane, has completely broken the long-term dependence of imports on China's engineering ultra-large tonnage tower cranes.

Finally, international competitiveness continues to increase. At present, domestic tower cranes gradually apply accurate calculation methods for product structure analysis. As for the control system, PLC system, transformer and frequency conversion stepless speed regulation, fault self-diagnosis monitoring, field bus, remote control and other technologies have been widely used on tower cranes, improving the tower crane's performance and safety. In terms of basic research, powerful enterprises have built complete laboratories. Through quantitative analysis and assessment of new technologies and new structures, the reliability of tower cranes has been improved.

China's tower crane manufacturing industry chain has been formed and matured, and its quality has reached the international advanced level. At the same time, China's tower crane industry's independent innovation capabilities have made rapid progress. China's tower crane export areas exceed 144 countries and regions, and in 2012 alone the export value exceeded 300 million US dollars. Chinese tower cranes have become an indispensable part of the world's tower cranes.

Through in-depth research on international and especially EU tower crane industry standards, the industry's in-depth understanding of tower cranes has been improved, thereby improving the overall design level of tower cranes, and enabling the performance and safety of Chinese tower cranes to reach the entry threshold for European and American markets. Take Yongmao as an example. Yongmao is the first Chinese tower crane company to enter the EU and US markets with complete products. The products have obtained a number of certifications including EU CE, Singapore MOM, US ANSI third-party certification, and Australia certification. The product sales network covers more than 70 countries and regions in the world, including Asia, Europe, North and South America, Africa and the Middle East. The export of products ranks among the top in the industry over the years.

There are three major problems

In the face of rapid market changes and fierce competition challenges, in recent years, major tower crane manufacturers in China have increased their investment in research and development and manufacturing, and the gap between their technological level and advanced countries has narrowed. However, in terms of overall structure, performance, and quality, In particular, there is still a gap in terms of manufacturing quality and reliability.

One is the uneven quality of the products. At present, the domestic tower crane production is very large, all aspects are developing in a healthy way, with brand awareness and sales network, tower crane standards are also moving closer to international standards, and gradually improve. However, the quality of products varies widely. Some of them are well-known enterprises with strong technical strength and guaranteed product quality; however, there are also some inferior technological equipment and technical strength, which have entered the market at low prices and informal means, and obtained manufacturing licenses and supervision by informal means. Certification, enterprises that have caused a huge impact on regular manufacturers.

Second, the development of basic components and basic research has lagged. At present, compared with developed countries, there are still gaps in Chinese tower crane products, mainly reflected in: the reliability of domestic parts and components, such as electrical components, hydraulic components, transmission components need to be improved; process equipment, experimental equipment and testing methods are not complete; Basic research is not deep enough, such as quantitative analysis of local structures and reliability research. This affects the quality and reliability of the whole product and increases the potential for accidents.

In addition, the low configuration of the transmission mechanism has become a bottleneck restricting the improvement of the technical performance of China's tower cranes, and the development of the main engine has been severely restricted.

Third, the product structure needs to be adjusted. In recent years, China's tower crane industry has developed rapidly, but most of its products are similar, and there is a serious excess of medium and small capacity. In the 1980s, out of the original intention of facilitating unified management and customer choice, China introduced a model classification standard. Although the standardization was strong, it greatly restricted the richness and technical progress of tower crane products. The developed countries need to develop whatever market needs, from as small as 10 ~ 20kNm miniature cranes to as large as 100,000kNm tower cranes. Self-erecting tower cranes commonly used in developed countries are still rare in China.

In addition, in the international market, except for Zoomlion, Yongmao and a few other companies have formed their own brands, most Chinese tower crane manufacturers have not yet formed a brand in the international market. In terms of brand building, China's tower crane enterprises need further efforts.

Looking forward to the five major prospects

Improve product technology and promote industrial upgrading. We should continue to improve the technical content and quality level of large and medium-sized tower cranes, meet the needs of large-scale key projects, and explore international markets; accelerate the development of basic components, strengthen basic research on new technologies, new materials, new processes and new structures, and improve the performance of tower cranes And safety and reliability. In addition, various manufacturers should strengthen product experimental testing and industrial assessment links to improve the overall quality level of tower cranes; industry authorities strengthen supervision of the industry to guide the industry's healthy development.

Focus on the development of flat head and boom tower cranes to meet market demand. According to construction needs, flat-head and boom-type tower cranes have developed rapidly in recent years. The boom tower crane can be changed within a certain range, and its maximum lifting weight is large, which is very suitable for dense and narrow area construction. It is increasingly used in the construction of relatively concentrated cities. Flat-headed tower cranes, because they have no tower top structure, have evasiveness between tower cranes, at the same time have the advantages of easy disassembly and assembly, flexible aerial disassembly, etc., their application has become a trend in group tower work sites.

Integrate industry resources and enhance comprehensive strength. Accelerate the integration of resources inside and outside the industry. All professional manufacturers focus on the existing foundation, focus on introducing, digesting, and absorbing advanced technology, learn from foreign development experience, develop their own unique products, and pay attention to the development of independent modernization. Professional manufacturing technology to rapidly improve China's tower crane manufacturing technology and comprehensive strength and better integrate into the international market. At the same time, with the deepening of technical exchanges and cooperation in the tower crane industry, the R & D investment of manufacturers of tower crane supporting parts, such as transmission mechanisms and electrical control, is gradually being strengthened, the production process is improved, and the quality management is standardized. , Will help improve the overall strength of the entire tower crane industry.

Standardize industry management and improve the supervision system. The quality of tower crane operation and installers is low, the on-site installers are undocumented, and serious violations of regulations and regulations have led to the high accident rate of tower cranes, which has not only caused people's lives and property losses, but also affected China's tower cranes in the world. reputation. It is recommended to formulate standards and norms for production safety management. At the same time, operators must be trained on a regular basis.

To the world, to the high end. At present, China's tower crane export market is mainly in low-end markets such as South Asia and the Middle East, and its share in high-end markets such as Europe and the United States is still small. To truly be a world-class tower crane manufacturing enterprise, it is necessary to penetrate the European and American high-end markets. Although its market share is not large, it has market benchmarking effects.

Develop marketable products, meet the technical standards and regulations of importing countries, and obtain market certifications. Chinese tower crane companies represented by Zoomlion and Yongmao, and the growth rate of overseas markets have become important for their international level. Consider indicators. Chinese tower crane enterprises frequently appear in the international market, showing that China is moving from a tower crane country to a tower crane power country.