Jiaxing Xiuzhou District launched special rectification of port and dock cranes

According to the deployment of the special rectification action for the port and dock in the district, the Xiuzhou District Market Supervision Bureau in Jiaxing City, Zhejiang Province has fully utilized its advantages, and since April 10, it has jointly launched a special rectification of cranes and cranes in the port and district under its jurisdiction.

The Xiuzhou District Market Supervision Bureau combined with the database of the special equipment integrated management system database to carry out detailed arrangements for the number of cranes and ports involved in the port and their affiliated units, and carry out targeted rectification work according to the characteristics of the equipment and units.

For cranes that have been cancelled or are not used by the unit, which have been explicitly eliminated by the state and have been scrapped, they should be cancelled and cleaned up in a timely manner after the verification. Relevant units urged the relevant units to stop using cranes and listed Go through the cancellation formalities; for units using overdue unchecked cranes, order to suspend the use of overdue equipment and make corrections within a time limit, and resume use after passing the inspection; for unregistered inspections and new terminal equipment, urge the users to implement their main responsibilities and handle in a timely manner Registration of lifting appliances.