Taking the pulse of South Market, Wang Zhizhong, Chairman of Lingong, visited Yunnan and Jiangxi

From June 11th to 15th, Wang Zhizhong, Chairman of Shandong Lingong, went to Kunming, Yunnan, Yuxi, Nanchang, Jiangxi and other places to go to the front line of the market to conduct investigations and investigations on dealer team building, market operation, innovation and development. Yunnan is in the ancient Silk Road of the South. It has a unique geographical advantage facing "Sanya" and shoulders "two oceans". It is an important province in the "Belt and Road" construction. On the afternoon of the 11th, Wang Zhizhong and his party came to the spring city of Kunming. Accompanied by Kun Rong, Kunming of Yunnan, and Shen Rongguang, chairman of Yunnan Jieao, etc., they inspected the accessory center and the newly-built 4S shop.

Wang Zhizhong learned more about the team building and market operation of Kunming Kunrong and Yunnan Jiao, and fully affirmed the market performance of Kunming Kunrong and Yunnan Jiao in 2015. He pointed out that with the advancement of the “Belt and Road” strategy, Infrastructure construction will be driven first. Kunming Kunrong and Yunnan Jieao must seize the geographical and policy advantages, make arrangements in advance, and seize the opportunities. In Yuxi, Yunnan, Wang Zhizhong inspected Yuxi Zhongxin's marketing hall, parts sales department, after-sales service department, and overhaul factory, and listened to the introduction of Yuxi Zhongxin's development. He praised Yuxi Zhongxin's hard-working entrepreneurial spirit and affirmed Yuxi Zhongxin's "steady stability" Sales strategy, service emphasis, and after-service market-driven sales strategy. Wang Zhizhong pointed out that in the current economic situation, Yuxi Zhongxin must continue to carry forward the fine tradition of hard work, and must have a clear understanding and full preparation for the second venture.

Later, Wang Zhizhong and his party visited Yunnan Hongta Group, a famous enterprise in Yuxi. The development history of Hongta Group is a history of China's national industrial reform and innovation, continuous improvement, and catching up with the world's advanced level. Wang Zhizhong emphasized that as a company, you should learn the spirit of Hongta. In the new era of economic and social development, Hongta Group actively engages in exchanges and cooperation with well-known international tobacco companies to accelerate the pace of opening up the international market. In the strategy of "big markets, big enterprises, big brands" In the process of progress, Hongta Group has shaped many successful brands. The strategic goal of Shandong Lingong is not only to maintain the leading position in the domestic industry, but also to build a world-renowned excellent Chinese engineering machinery brand. During the brand building process, Hongta Group pays great attention to product quality and always puts consumers in the enterprise. The development concept is worthy of admiration by Shandong Lingong. On the morning of the 15th, Wang Zhizhong and his entourage came to the resident site of Nanchang Barry. Accompanied by Deng Wenhui, chairman of Nanchang Barry, they went deep into Nanchang Barry overhaul factory, parts company, and remote command center to investigate and investigate the business operations of Nanchang Barry's transformation and development Happening.

In the remote support system command center, Wang Zhizhong carefully listened to the staff's introduction and highly appreciated Nanchang Barry's innovative use of the "Internet +" spirit in the entire process of marketing, service, and credit management, and praised Nanchang Barry for its operations and innovation. The results are positive, he said, in the current market situation, Nanchang Barry adjusts its strategy, changes its concept, and actively seeks new development and new profit points. The innovative ideas are worth learning from. During the inspection, Wang Zhizhong listened to the work reports of dealers in various places, and affirmed the achievements and various work of dealers in the market development. He hoped that the manufacturers would work together to continue to work hard and forge ahead with the sense of responsibility and mission of the second venture, actively explore innovation, and obtain better economic benefits and more innovation results.