Technical capability of lift and traverse (PSH) parking equipment is further enhanced

Zhejiang Kaida Punk Lifting Equipment Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Kaida Punk”) gathered the strengths of R & D, production, engineering and other departments to successfully complete the seven-story PSH on June 7, 2017. The development, installation and commissioning of new technologies for parking equipment indicate that our company has reached a new level in the field of parking equipment. In a modern city that is changing with each passing day, with our own efforts, our company keeps pace with the times and leads the industry.At the beginning of April 2017, the company made a decision on the technical innovation of the lifting and lateral parking equipment according to the market demand; then the R & D department initiated a special project, and at the end of April, it completed the calculation of the innovative technical drawing. The production department completed the production on May 25, and the installation and commissioning were officially completed on June 7.

The seven-story lifting and translating is a steel structure frame, which is a multi-level lifting and translating device. It is suitable for residential quarters, office places, schools, hospitals, commercial areas and other places.

This equipment has a small floor area, a large storage space, and a high space utilization rate. The floor space of a parking space on the plane can accommodate multiple parking spaces, and can be flexibly combined and set according to the user's site size and space height. An effective way to increase parking spaces.

Storage car principle: The equipment is arranged in multiple rows of seven floors, and one horizontal shift space is provided for each of the equipment partitions from the first floor to the sixth floor. The equipment realizes the access car through the lifting action of the seven-story car board, the horizontal movement of the one-story car board, and the lifting and horizontal movement of the second-six to six-story car board. The parking space on the first floor can directly access the car; when a parking space on the second to seventh floors needs to access the car, the corresponding car parking panels on each floor directly below the car board are shifted by one parking space, giving way to the required parking space. The car board of the car is taken directly below, so that the car board can be lowered to the ground, so that the car can be accessed.

The entire process took 2 months and 7 days. The ability to complete the development and installation of new technologies in such a short time fully demonstrated that our company has a proficient manufacturing capability and the cohesion of the group cannot be underestimated. Kaida Punch takes full advantage of the company's strengths, intensifies the research and development of the brand, and uses differentiation as a breakthrough in the market to improve and maintain product quality. It is believed that Kaida Punch will occupy a higher market share in the future.