Get the car on the "ferris wheel"

At present, with the continuous acceleration of social and economic development, people ’s consumption levels have increased exponentially. Among them, the contradiction between the sharp increase in the number of resident cars in China and the lack of parking spaces has made “difficult parking” increasingly prominent. Social issues. Focusing on the development needs of the times, the company increased investment in research and development of three-dimensional parking garages. Recently, the "vertical circulation three-dimensional parking garage" has been formally completed and put into use, and has made great efforts to accelerate its introduction to the market.

  This type of "vertical circulation three-dimensional parking garage" is a steel structure frame with a total of 7 floors and a total of 12 parking spaces. The working principle is that the transmission structure is driven by deceleration, and a car tray is installed on the traction member chain every a certain distance, and the car tray is circulated with the chain to achieve the purpose of accessing the vehicle.

  In short, according to the lifting principle of the Ferris wheel, the use of chain transmission to achieve the requirements of multi-level parking. This type of garage occupies a small area and has a large capacity. It is undoubtedly an important measure for the company to make use of idle space resources to create a vertical circular three-dimensional garage. The entire installation to commissioning process takes 3 days. It is easy to install, flexible in configuration, and highly operable. It is a product that customers generally trust and recommend.

  Today, the three-dimensional parking garage is no longer a new term. As we all know, shopping malls and hospitals can be seen everywhere, and the three-dimensional parking garage has gradually been recognized by the public. With the development of the city, the number of parking spaces is far from meeting the demand for parking. The translation type three-dimensional garage is more space-saving. It can park 6-20 cars at the same time by using only two flat parking spaces on the ground. The installation is simple and the appearance is light and beautiful.

  With the vigorous development of urban construction, urban land continues to appear "inch-inch-inch-inch-gold" situation, three-dimensional parking garage is a "golden key" to solve urban parking difficulties. Kaida Punch has always been adhering to the core value concept of "quality comes from rigor, excellence comes from innovation", and is accelerating the research and development of mechanical three-dimensional parking equipment. With the introduction of various national support policies, it is bound to enter a period of rapid development.