Warm congratulations to Zhejiang Kaida Punk Crane Equipment Co., Ltd.

On September 22, 2016, the "China Textile City Market Supporting Facilities (Three-Dimensional Parking Garage) Project" project was publicly tendered by the China Textile City Construction Management Committee of Keqiao District, Shaoxing City. After intense bidding with several powerful companies, Zhejiang Kaida Punk Lifting Equipment Co., Ltd. successfully won the bid.

       This bidding project was highly valued by the company's leaders. Under the conditions of tight bidding time and heavy tasks, the company's leaders carefully arranged the bidding work for the project, clarified the division of labor and responsibilities, and put forward specific requirements for bidding documents and technical quality. The staff faced the difficulties, worked together, worked overtime, worked out the bidding documents with high efficiency and high quality, and delivered them to the bidders on schedule. In the end, Zhejiang Kaida Punk Crane Equipment Co., Ltd. won the affirmation of the bidders with good reputation, industry experience, strong technical strength and excellent solutions, perfect after-sales service system, and reasonable quotation, and successfully won the bid.

    Zhejiang Kaida Punk Lifting Equipment Co., Ltd. stands out among many competitors and successfully wins the bid. This is inseparable from the correct decision of the company's leaders and the full cooperation of personnel from various departments; of course, it is also affirmation of the company's comprehensive strength and technical level .