Kaida Punch Stereo Parking Equipment Business Training Conference

China has now entered the era of cars. The number of cars is growing rapidly, and traffic congestion and parking difficulties have become chronic diseases of urban management. To scientifically develop the living environment of the city, we must ask for parking spaces in the space! In order to solve the "difficult parking" problem, many places such as hospitals and major shopping malls have introduced three-dimensional parking garages. The three-dimensional parking equipment conforms to the development of the market economy. This new type of equipment changes the traditional single-layer and single-sided parking method of the parking lot and develops into the air or underground. Under the situation of tight land and few cars, the vehicles are stored in multiple layers. Show your muscles in modern urban parking.

    From February 23rd to 25th, Kaida Punch held a three-day training seminar on three-dimensional parking equipment business. At the meeting, the sales director Dong Dong gave a comprehensive and detailed explanation of the three-dimensional parking garages including lifting and lateral moving, plane moving, vertical lifting, and vertical circulation; the sales staff further explained the driving methods, transmission devices, and operations. Methods, power, and other professional issues. The advantage of the three-dimensional parking garage is that it stands out in modern urban parking. It can effectively use space and improve space utilization several times. It has a high degree of automation, environmental protection, energy saving and low noise.

In this training session, Director Dong, Sales Director, introduced marketing skills and customer relationship management in detail, and explained some of these issues, including strategies in marketing skills, how to open up the market, and how to increase sales. And the establishment and maintenance of customer relationships. And a lot of vivid examples to explain, strong practicality and operability, using interactive and live question and answer methods, vivid, easy to understand, relaxed, so that the sales team of Kaida Punch mastered more methods in easy learning And skills.

President Dong emphasized that the communication between people is very important, and it is even more important on the road of marketing. Communication is the beginning of communication. How to communicate effectively-take the initiative. Unfamiliar teammates come together from all sides, we need to take the initiative to communicate, integrate into the team as soon as possible, let everyone remember you, remember the industry you have done, and leave a deep impression on everyone, so the association needs to be active Strike. Sales staff should pay attention to skills when selling products, with which attitude to communicate with customers, it is especially important to establish good relationships with customers. To understand the customers' hobbies, habits, and experiences, you can also learn about the other party's information from the customer's speech, manners, wear, and office environment layout during the visit. Keeping the same interests and hobbies with the customer naturally narrows the distance with the other party. On important holidays, you can send holiday greetings to let customers know that you are a careful and respectable partner. When a salesperson visits a certain customer, in addition to preparing some business materials and technical materials, he should also make some psychological preparations to deal with a series of questions raised by the customer in person. In the communication with customers, how should we answer the sharp questions from customers? This is also a key to the success of the sale. Customer recognition of you can greatly improve the success rate of this project.

This three-dimensional parking garage and sales skills training have been highly evaluated and recognized by everyone. Thanks to Mr. Dong for his eloquent explanations and the company for organizing such training. Many employees are deeply touched by this training and have said that they will follow the instructions. This training requires a positive and responsible attitude to be invested in future work. The company will continue to strengthen such training in the future because we realize that the success of the company is based on the success of all employees. We also hope that through this training, employees will realize the importance of continuous learning. Zhejiang Kaida Benke will continue to adhere to the business philosophy of "sincerity to build industry, quality to industry", create "high quality, real price, excellent service" products, and promote the continuous development of Kaida Benke three-dimensional parking equipment business.