Kaida Punch Company went to Yiwu to participate in "2015 China Yiwu International Equipment Expo"

The 2015 China Yiwu International Equipment Expo and the Fifth Only-On Expo opened at Yiwu International Expo Center at 9:10 am on November 30th.

      This year's exhibition is hosted by the People's Government of Zhejiang Province and the China Association for Artificial Intelligence. It is sponsored by Zhejiang Provincial Economic and Information Commission, the Department of Commerce, the Science and Technology Department and other relevant provincial departments. The Chamber of Commerce and Hong Kong Art's Exhibition Services Co., Ltd. are the executive agencies of the exhibition affairs, and invited relevant national associations and exhibition operation agencies as support and co-organizers. The exhibition is divided into three sections: exhibition display, trade negotiation and conference forum. The exhibition display area reaches 80,000 square meters. There are nine professional exhibition areas such as artificial intelligence technology exhibition area, industrial automation and 3D printing exhibition area. There were 769 companies from 17 provinces (cities and districts) in the country and 11 countries and regions including the United States, Germany, Japan, and South Korea. There were 3,193 standard booths, of which 406 were booths from overseas companies. Compared with the previous two sessions, the current level of the expo is higher, the scale is larger, the content is richer, and the highlights are more prominent.

      Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee Li Yifei said at the opening ceremony that the exhibition will show the new achievements and new trends of the global equipment manufacturing industry in all aspects. During the same period, the Fifth China Smart Expo, Sino-German cooperation and exchanges, project promotion, procurement negotiations and other activities , The exhibition activities are rich, leading, economic and trade is obvious. The holding of the Expo will surely further activate product sales, information exchange and technological innovation in the domestic and foreign equipment industry and intelligent industry, and create more superiors. Our city will make every effort to provide our customers with better services, implement a "mechanical substitution" and in-depth integration of the two industries for our province and even the whole country, and promote the equipment manufacturing industry to participate in international competition and cooperation and play an active role.

      In this exhibition, Zhejiang Kaida Punk Lifting Equipment Co., Ltd. exhibited with the latest products. This exhibition is a model of "vertical cycle mechanical parking equipment". Vertical cycle mechanical parking equipment has the advantages of small floor area, fast car pick-up speed, single power, simple control, convenient operation, economical reliability, etc. Through the programmable controller to control the equipment's cyclic operation, the cars on any level can be quickly lifted to the ground to realize three-dimensional storage, and the complex mechanical operation process of other multi-level parking equipment is taken care of, which greatly saves time. The equipment covers an extremely small area, and does not require a large use site. It can be used independently or in groups. It is flexible and convenient. It is very suitable for the reconstruction of old communities and solves the problem of difficult parking.

      Through this exhibition, our company not only showed new products and innovative technologies, but also showed the company's strong strength to the industry, which further enhanced Kaida Punk's brand influence in the industry field.