Introduction of safety devices in three-dimensional parking garage

The functions of the safety devices used in parking equipment are described below:


1. Warning device during operation: When the parking equipment is running, the red warning light and electronic buzzer will be activated to warn users and pedestrians to pay attention to safety by sound and light.

2. Emergency stop button device: There is an emergency stop button (large red buckle) on the operation panel. When a special emergency situation is encountered, pressing the button will stop all machinery immediately, the situation will not be lifted, and the parking equipment will not start.

3. Under-reverse phase protection device: The control circuit must detect the under-phase and reverse-phase of the power supply and prohibit the motor from running to ensure the safety of the overall equipment.

4. Electric overload protection device: When the electric power of the motor is overloaded, the electric overload protection device is activated and the power is cut off immediately to protect the motor host from damage and the safety of the vehicle on the platform.

5. Device for preventing people and vehicles from entering by mistake: When foreign objects such as cars and vehicles enter the equipment area while the equipment is running, all mechanical movements are stopped to ensure the safety of people and cars entering and leaving the park. At the same time, the parking equipment will not start until the situation is resolved. .

6. Wheel locating device: Limit the parking position of the vehicle, so as not to cause the vehicle to collide with the equipment when the vehicle board rises, and prevent the vehicle from sliding without sliding the handbrake, and set a horizontal positioning travel switch.

7. Vehicle height and vehicle length detection device: Mechanical parking equipment is protected by a vehicle height detection device. When an ultra-high and long vehicle is parked in the device, all mechanical movements are restricted and an alarm is issued. Prevents the vehicle from being oversized and oversized by accident

Damage to the vehicle or equipment during operation.

8. Program time history protection setting: The device control program has an automatic detection function for the lifting time and the traverse time. When the limit switch fails or encounters a foreign object, the lifting or traverse time is overtime, the motor will automatically stop running, and The device will not run until the fault is alarmed.

9. Fault alarm display device: When the device fails, on the one hand, the device automatically stops working. On the one hand, the warning light will give an audible and visual warning. At the same time, the program has a self-diagnostic function. Find the problem and deal with it in a moment.

10. Interlocking devices: The lifting and traversing positioning points should be set to interlock with each other to prevent overlap or collision between the lifting platform and the traversing platform.

11. Loose-chain detection device: The lift-chain platform should be equipped with a loose-chain detection device to prevent the platform from tilting or falling due to accidental chain breaks to ensure the safety of vehicles and personnel.

12. Anti-fall device: The device should be equipped with anti-fall device to prevent the car board from falling when the electromagnetic brake of the motor fails, so as to ensure the safety of the vehicle and personnel. The reasonable arrangement of the anti-fall hook and chain-breaking device ensures the safe use of the equipment.

13. Device for preventing lateral movement exceeding the limit: A stop block should be installed at the end of the lateral movement guide rail to prevent damage to equipment or vehicles due to lateral movement exceeding the limit.

14. Upper and lower positioning limit protection: Each lifting board should be provided with upper and lower limit position switches to accurately locate the lifting and lowering stroke of the lifting platform.

15. Ending limit switch: When the lifting platform rises, an end limit switch should be set on the upper limit positioning limit switch to ensure that the lifting platform is free from the danger of overtravel when it is rising.

16. Power-off braking device: When the power of the motor of the traversing or lifting platform is interrupted, the electromagnetic brake is immediately activated to prevent continued walking and to prevent the lifting platform from falling naturally when it is stationary.

17. Device for preventing chain teeth from jumping and over-rolling: when the lifting platform is lifting. There must be a device to prevent the chain from jumping off and over-rolling in abnormal conditions.

18. Warning signs and operation instructions: The operation box position of each group of mechanical parking equipment is provided with operation instruction boards, notice boards, maximum vehicle size notice boards, reverse parking or front-entry warehouse signs, and company telephones and twenty Four-hour service phone, etc., safety warning signs are set in other prominent locations.

19. Over-voltage protection device: When the voltage is too high, the control circuit will cut off the power supply of the control circuit at the front end of the PLC, so as to avoid high-voltage shock to damage the PLC motherboard and other control box components.

20. Fixed safety fence device: At the non-vehicle normal entrance and exit of mechanical parking equipment in each block, a fixed fence of 1.2 meters in height is installed to prevent personnel or other foreign objects from entering the garage abnormally when the equipment is operating.